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Based in Camden, NSW, Straightline Studio Co. is a design practice that aims to combine practical and innovative residential architectural designs with your needs, while ensuring your project it tailored to your budget and lifestyle.

10 years local residential new home experience of architectural drafting in Campbelltown, Camden and the greater regions of Sydney,  has resulted in a streamlined design process that allows clients to incorporate what they desire in their dream home, with first hand construction and sustainability knowledge, while still remaining affordable.

Straightline Studio Co. offers a comprehensive range of architectural services in Camden, Campbelltown and surrounding areas of Sydney , including design services for new residential homes, home additions, alterations and renovations and energy rating compliance. Our drafting services are also available alongside our architectural designs or separately.




We can assist in making your dream home a reality.

Whether you have something in mind already or you don't know where to start at all, let us help you bring your ideas and requirements together and create the home you have always desired.


A dual occupancy can be a great way to maximise your sites potential.

With relevant knowledge of government legislation and regulations, we can create the perfect design for your development.


Need a little extra space but live in a great location? An addition to your home might be the perfect solution.

We can assist in designing a solution to your home that suits your lifestyle and budget.


Home renovations are made just that little bit easier when you can clearly see a plan of what you want to create. This also helps in communicating with contractors so nothing is misunderstood, forgotten or overlooked.


“I am passionate about creating the perfect home for every clients lifestyle.”

toni white  |  director


Toni White

architectural designer + director

Straightline Studio has a high focus on clients requirements of lifestyle, site and budget.  The aim is to combine high quality design and innovation with each design brief.

I don't believe great design needs to come at a great cost and I am a big advocate for less (done right) is more!

Straightline Studio was established over 3 years ago after I returned from traveling. Previous to this, I worked in the local residential drafting industry for over 10 years. Traveling exposed me to countless architectural styles and I was able to experience how different people live within their homes. This knowledge allows me to tailor each design to a unique set of requirements such as lifestyle, site restrictions and budget.

I love what I do and I am passionate about creating the right home for every client.


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