Borneo | Eco-Tourism Lodge

'The Figtree' is an experimental eco tourism project run by Arkitrek in the Kiulu Valley, Borneo that was designed + constructed onsite in June + July, 2015.

It is the culmination of twelve architects + designers from England, Scotland, Spain, Italy, Malaysia + Australia, as well as the amazing community of Kg. Mantob.

The brief was to create an overnight accommodation space next to the river that runs through the pristine Kiulu Valley. 

The result is an entirely bamboo structure from the floor up, all bamboo being harvested from the nearby river bank and treated on site. It successfully demonstrates bamboo being used as a highly sustainable, reliable building material. The walls are a bamboo stud framework clad with siulu - bamboo skilfully rolled out into flat panels. The wall cavity space is filled with biocrete - a mixture of rice husks, lime + sand. The walls act as a thermal massing element + it is hoped that this project will fuel a sustainable alternative to the brick + concrete houses in Malaysia. With further development, possibly even to greater housing markets all over the world.